We are AmigoGo

Group travel, made easy

AmigoGo started on the basic premise that we dreaded the pains of planning and managing group holidays with our friends and family.

Even though group travel is something many people love to do, less can be said of organising trips.

You are probably familiar with using WhatsApp and Messenger to coordinate with friends, and subsequently, you know how inefficient it is using these tools.


That's where we come in. 

We provide a simple platform for you & the rest of the group to search, vote, and book your group trips collaboratively. No more excel, no more scrolling for links, just one Group Idea Board, for one amazing trip.

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If you partake in group trips, be it backpacking, city breaking, beach getaways, stag and hen dos, skiing, then you will benefit from AmigoGo.

If you're not typically the one to organise, now you can be, its a simple as adding your group to a board, and the AmigoGo platform will enable the entire group to do the work in a clear and streamlined way.

Or, if you are the trip organiser, then your task just got 100x easier. Try AmigoGo for your next trip, and note the difference in your stress levels, and time to book.

At AmigoGo, we have one core principle that guides us. Everything we do is to make group travel as enjoyable as possible. Our product has been designed after interviewing hundreds of people, like you, to understand what is needed in a product to rid group trips of the pains that we have all felt.

We will continue learning what is getting in the way of the perfect group trip, and using cutting edge technology to remove all barriers to a great trip, because at the end of the day, excellent travel experiences are what we yearn for, it should be a pleasure - and its our mission to make it exactly that.

A bit about us

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Nicholas Castrioty

Nicholas is Co-Founder and CEO of AmigoGo, is Italian/Argentine, and travel lover with 7 years experience working in the travel tech sector (Global Distribution Systems), taking on various roles as enterprise architect and product manager. He loves sports of all kinds, growth hacking, and AmigoGo. He's particularly excited about AmigoGo's potential to make the group travel experience fantastic in every way.

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Joshua Sparkes

Joshua is Co-Founder and CGO of AmigoGo. He is British and has had a successful career in technology design, delivery, and analysis. He loves football, biohacking, nootropics, and reading non-fiction. Joshua is excited by the opportunity to solve real world problems for real people with technology.

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Federico Marson

Federico is a User Experience & User Interface designer, creating excellent experiences for a variety of products. Mars, as we call him, brings a creative dynamic to the team and makes sure that AmigoGo is a genuine pleasure to use.

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Mike Croucher

Mike has nearly 40 years of experience in the travel space. Mike is an influential travel leader, leading the technology organisation at British Airways, Travelport and ATCORE group. As is obvious, Mike brings a huge knowledge of travel.