Group holiday bliss

7 steps to creating the perfect group holiday

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Create a board

Create a platform where your entire group can engage and make decisions.

Setup your board

This is where your group will be interacting, so name it something relevant and add an enticing image of what could be!

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Where & When

Throw in destinations that sound great to you. While  you're at it, enter the date ranges that you can do. Other group members will be able to add their own suggestions.

Flights & Accomodation

Search for the best value options on the market with flight and accommodation providers like SkyScanner and TravelPayouts. Then put these infront of your group, so that you can come to a consensus on these critical elements.

Consider all options

Review all of the date, destination, flight and accommodation options put forward by your group. They might have found some great offers!

Be democratic

Vote on all of the options that work for you. If you have a large group you are more likely to find a consensus if you er on the side of flexibility...

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Job done

Now all that's left to do it book the agreed flights and accommodation.

Easy does it

That's 7 easy steps to a great group trip, facilitated by the AmigoGo app.