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Do Not Visit Tenerife Until You Read This

What do you think of when you hear Tenerife? As a Brit, I associate it with €2 pints, and Benidorm vibes. My favourite trip is the architecture and museum of Florence, so as you can imagine, Tenerife wasn't top of my list.

But as it was November, I was trip starved and wanted some sun, fate took me to Tenerife with low expectations. Eight days later, my review is more positive, BUT, please do heed my warnings if you want to enjoy Tenerife.

I'm being sincere... Do not visit Tenerife until you read this.

1.Go North

I stayed in Los Cristianos, a main resort town in the south. This was mistake number 1. Hooliganism filled the air and neon lights filled the strip. Certainly not the vibes I pay to feel.

I did take 2 trips north, namely to Puerta de la Cruz and Garachico, and these were both beautiful towns that rival Lisbon and had vibes of Havana. I wish I had stayed here (see point number 2).

2. Rent a Car Early

I tried to book a car at the last minute, and the car I thought that was available, turned out to not be available.... The next available car on the island was 3x the price (!), over £100 per day.

Without a car, you are destined to stay in one place, or rely on the buses (which are modern, but are not too frequent).

3. Don't Head for the Hills

Southern Tenerife is extremely hilly. If you are intending to visit the beach daily and your hotel is 15+ minutes away, there's a strong chance you will need to trek many steep hills, bare this in mind if you travel with the less mobile (or just don't want to walk uphill).

4. Prepare for Your Volcanic Visit

Mount Teide is the 7th highest point in Europe, and is an active volcano, so you'll probably want to visit. If you do, I have 3 tips for you to make it a pleasant experience:

  • Dress warm

This means, gloves, trousers, medium thickness jacket.

  • Bring a picnic

There are some fantastic spots to stop and admire the view with a coffee and sandwich.

  • Arrange for the permit to climb to the top!

There are only a limited number of these available per day, but they are free, so just make sure to sign up early.

This piece was written on the flight home from Tenerife, and having had a couple of weeks to digest since the trip as I come to edit the article, my recommendations have evolved.

Positives: Fantastic climate for Europe from November to Jan, low-cost flights available, zero jet lag, some beautiful towns

Not so positives: High cost quality accommodation, some towns to be wary of

If you are looking for weather in winter plus no jet lag, then Tenerife makes complete sense, but heed the advise above for a fantastic time, as mentioned, I wish I read this before I visited Tenerife.