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Why Haven't You Visited Croatia?

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

It may be reaching the point where Croatia is no longer "hidden", and such a phrase is becoming cliché. If that is the case in your mind, then take this as a reminder to get yourself there, and if you haven't considered Croatia before, then take my word for it that it should be in your top 3 choices for your next Europe trip.

Backpackers, party animals, city breakers and adventure seekers... Croatia has so much to offer for all of you. Below is my guide to planning this trip.

If you remember one thing from this guide, it's ORDER THE TRUFFLE DISHES.


Who's it great for: beach bods / party weekenders

The gem in the crown of the Northern peninsula of Istria. Rovinj is a seafront town that hosts salsa festivals in the summer and enjoys a pleasant temperate climate for much of the year. The food here is the best in Croatia, and being north means you are close to Slovenia and Italy.

The vibe is pleasant, and is somewhat family oriented, but certainly has a fantastic blend of class and fun.


Who's it great for: city breakers

100% the best place to go in Croatia if you enjoy history, architecture and culture. Dubrovnik has potentially the best old town in Europe and has a fascinating story behind it. It was a European powerhouse by itself and was the only region in eastern Europe to resist the Ottoman colonisation.

Very interesting, pretty and has wonderful hotels along the coast.


Who's it great for: party weekenders

I ended up in a dodgy AirBnB here which didn't help matters, but Pula was the place to be if you're late teen early 20s and want thumping music and cheap drinks, a late night paradise.


Who's it great for: city breaker / party weekenders

Split already somewhat has a reputation as a party place, rightfully so. It has the best clubs in Croatia. But don't overlook it's charm and historical architecture. A well rounded vote for a Croatia trip.

Eastern Croatia

Who's it great for: backpackers

Bordering Croatia to the east is Bosnia and Herzegovina, a place still recovering from the war in the 90's. If you like hitch hiking and backpacking through interesting lands, the east of Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina makes for a great trip. You'll find a national park with one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, just be prepared to make a day of it as the queues to enter can be loooong at peak times of the year.

In summary, I wholeheartedly advise you put Croatia in your upcoming trip list. There are places to suit every type of trip, from romantic, to crazy weekends away, to backpacking. The best times to visit are between May and September, and be warned, it can get pretty hot down south in Dubrovnik.