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What are the places to travel with your best friend, anyway?

Have you ever been away with the best person, but arrived in, how do I say, not the best place?

Yes we make do and have a good time nonetheless, but how much better is it when you land in a fantastic place suited to such adventures... A lot!

Today we're checking out four fantastic options to consider for your next BFF trip.

Before we get started, though, lets quickly discuss the best way to organise such a trip. Use a trip planning tool. Not just WhatsApp and a spreadsheet!

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What are the places to travel with your best friend, anyway?

Naturally we all have different preferences for trips, so this guidance conveniently mentions what type of trip or group it's good for. I wouldn't want to advise you into backpacking the Himalayas if you're idea of heaven is being served Aperol Spritz' and only moving to flip over and even out your tan.

Route 66 - Roadtrippers

Road trippin' USA

Regarding the image above, Harley Davidson's are optional, not mandatory, unless you want to join a biker gang - advice #1.

The classic epic road trip. Europeans typically have 'love it or hate it' feelings towards the US, if you haven't really experienced the US yet and don't have a strong view, Route 66 will polarise you. You'll see the best of Americana, from Chicago to LA.

The two must see places that you miss on this trip are Manhattan and The South (aware that is a huge area), but you do get to see Chicago, LA, and middle America,which is a hell of a lot.

For this one you need a best friend that you enjoy the close proximity of nearly 24 hours a day, you should be cool without talking, just listening to the radio and enjoying. Here's a link to a Route 66 playlist to get you in the mood.

Florence - City / Culture / Party

Florence at night

Probably my favourite place in the world. A true gem of European culture. For city breaks, I can think of nothing better. Architecture, food, drinks, Italian hand gestures, e perfetto!

Take a 2 full day trip, spend the day time doing the tour of Il Duomo and the tower, go to Piazzale Michelangelo, Boboli Gardens, Uffizi Gallery, Museo Dell'accademia; and thats just off the top of my head.

Then by evening, the bars and clubs open and the students descend upon the city. The magic is that Florence maintains its class, when other places would collapse into a void of overly-drunk yobbish behaviour. Perhaps its just my head in the clouds in Florence, where I would perceive a drunk conversation to be a conversation worthy of the New Yorker newspaper, sitting in a wingback plush red chair, a glass of brandy.

Iceland - Adventure

Abseiling in Iceland

If you prefer to get your heart racing, in a more outdoorsy way, Iceland offers some of the best adventure trips to do with friends. If you're going to do something risky, better to do it with your best friend, at least then you know they probably wont cut the rope when abseiling down a glacier.

Here are a list of some fantastic things to do in Iceland with your best friend.

  • Geothermal Pools

  • Ice Caves

  • Northern Lights

  • Glacier Hiking

  • Whale Watching

  • Blue Lagoon

Interested? This article goes into a lot more detail to help you bring that dream to reality.

Ubud, Bali - anddd relax

Idyllic deck chairs pool mountains

You're probably feeling jaded by this point, stuffed with middle american oversized cuisine, feet aching and hungover from walking through and partying in Florence, and all manners of frostbite from Iceland, you and your buddy deserve to relax, and there's no better place for it than Ubud in Bali.

You may already be aware of the growing demand for Bali destination holidays, and with good reason. It's a uniquely beautiful place that attracts a lot of 'new age hippies', who come to Ubud for a spiritual cleanse. The 'must see' sights include the Gates of Heaven, the rice terraces and the Sacred Monkey Forest, which are all reasons that make Ubud worth visiting.

Ubud was actually the place Julia Roberts visits in Eat, Pray, Love! So now you must be familiar, if not, and you're reading a travel blog, go and watch it!

These are just some of the top ideas for best friend trips. While in reality, anywhere you go with your bestie can turn out great, and sometimes the challenge makes for even better connection, but if you want the idyllic place to be, we hope this helps! Have you got any other must visit suggestions for BFFs? Share them in the comments below.

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